Agni 5, India’s intercontinental ballistic missile is ready for deployment with Indian Army

Indian army considered to be second largest force in the world, and has vivid variety of weapons in their Armour. But an intercontinental ballistic missile was missing in that list. India found an answer and  Agni 5 is officially now India’s intercontinental ballistic missile. It is ready to deploy with Indian army in upcoming weeks.


AGNI 5 – India’s intercontinental Balistic missile

With the addition of Agni 5 into the Indian Army’s force, India will become part of the countries who has intercontinental ballistic missile. The super powers like US, China, Russia, France and North Korea currently hold the intercontinental ballistic missile in their force.

India’s most modern ballistic missile Agni-5, is considered to be one of the best in the world with the enormous fire power in it. As per army official, some more experiments in the next week is needed, before it will be deployed in accordance with military requirements to officially fire Agni-5.

Which department of Indian Army will hold the Agni 5 intercontinental ballistic missile?

Continental ballistic missiles Agni 5 will be deliver to the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Indian Army when the tests are completed.

Which countries has intercontinental ballistic missiles in their force ?

Super powers like United States, China, Russia, France and North Korea currently has intercontinental ballistic missiles in their force. With adding Agni 5, Indian army also will be part of the super power list who has intercontinental ballistic missiles

What is the range of Agni 5 ballistic missile ? How much distance Agni 5 can cover ?Which countries coming under Agni 5’s radar ?

India’s prior tests to cover complete Asia-Pacific region in the range of Agni 5, has been a huge success. Agni-5, which poses critical challenge to both China and Pakistan. The defense experts say that the missile test capable of carrying out nuclear weapons is a major success of Agni 5.

Agni 5 can reach up to 5000 Km range from it’s radar. It include China, Pakistan and Russia too.

AGNI 5, India's intercontinental balistic missile has range of 5000 KM and can cover larger part of Asian sub continenet and parts of Europe

AGNI 5, India’s intercontinental balistic missile has range of 5000 KM and can cover larger part of Asian sub continenet and parts of Europe

History of Agni 5 – When the ballistic missile project Agni 5 build and test started ?

The first test on Agni-5 was on April 19, 2012 and the second was on September 15, 2013 and the third on January 31, 2015. Smaller diagnoses were detected in the trial conducted in January 2015. Subsequent experiments were done after they were solved.
A missile capable of carrying a nuclear turmoil over a tonne and Agni 5 range is 5000KM.

The long-range ballistic missiles tested by Agni-1, a distance of 1550 km and second, 2500 km range, 3rd version of 3500 kms, and fifth edition beyond 5000 kms.

Agni 5 specifications and weight 

Agni5 ballistic missile is 17 meters long and weighs more than 50 tons. Agni missile was brought to China for the first time.

The prior versions of Agni – Agni 2 and Agni 3 only had 2500and 3500KM in the power range. With Agni 5, the Asian continent will come to the bottom of the fire along with some of Europe and Africa are partially.

Full list of countries coming under Agni 5 power range

The below countries coming under Agni 5 power range.

China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Greece and Italy.

As per latest update from Defence, Agni-5 missile is easily can be moved through rail line or using powerful truck trailer. The enemy satellites will not find the place of Agni 5 when they are hid inside the gnaw.  The other biggest threat for China is that that Agni-5 is a missile capable of launching from any corner of India. So it’s location will be unknown to the enemy countries of India.

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