Uber Admitts Usage of Secret Tool

Uber has admitted to using a secret tool called ‘Greyball’. It helped in hide  from law officials in cities where Uber service was restricted. Greyball is a tool which is widely known for its efficiency to show no cars or fake car icons to the officials who were trying to  apprehend drivers by trying to ‘fake’ book for Uber cars. This will give drivers  another option to ignore/cancel rides from such officials.

As per the report Uber were trying to use Grayball  almost for last 4 years. They have been using it worldwide to deceive the authorities. Authorities used to ban Uber for its low-cost ride option in markets which affects local drivers to reduce their margin. Sometimes they used resist or control, or sometimes they used to ban Uber.

This information regarding Greyball use by Uber is trending all over in the world now. As mentioned the program with Greyball, began at 2014 and remains in use all countries except United States. Greyball was approved by Uber’s legal team for its use.


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