Goa, Manipur, Uttaraghand, Punjab election results 2017

Assembly election conducted in  Goa, Manipur, Uttaraghand, Punjab shown major trend setters in different parties. The vote counting, which started today trending all over in India.

Updated :

BJP wins in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaragandh. Punjab leaps to Congress and AAP will be the opposition. Goa and Manipur is still uncertain as no party got clear lead to form government.

See full details below:



First version :

BJP cruising in to victory in majority of places like UP and Uttarakhand.

In Punjab, Congress made a big leap towards victory. AAP which expected to perform better now going down to 3rd place after Akalidal-Bjp alliance.

Goa is showing a suspense as both BJP and Congress doing better. Again AAP could not perform well over there too.

Manipur is the only place showing some leap towards ruling party Congress. But BJP already shown good fight by opening their account in North East states.

Considering the lead position, BJP already set for making new government in UP. They are far ahead from their opposition like Congress and BSP.

As of now the current lead as follows:



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