Guidelines To Publish An Article is a venture by Royal team solutions. We served as one place shop for all the trending news around the world. All content in this website are for information purpose only.

We are open to any trending news happens around the world. It can be anything under sky which follows our standard policy. Our primary motto is to bring a smile to everyone’s face in the world. Our audience are our assets and anything relates to help them is our primary focus.

Whether you are individual or a organization, if you like to publish an article with us, we are most happy to welcome to our website. You can use our Contact page or please send a mail to explaining what would you like to write about, what areas of interest and most importantly about yourselves.

Please see below our guidelines to publish an article at

  • We do support any trending articles around the world whether it is relates to any news story, sports, movies, music, information, education, training, implementation, finance, monetization techniques, trending social media news etc.
  • Please note that we do not support any content which related to Sex content, Child Pornography, Crime, Violence, Fake News, drugs, Terrorism support activities etc
  • We do not support any news which makes world or our audience unhappy.
  • Any articles send to us will be validated by our editorial team and then provide you feedback if it is accepted to publish or not. If it contains any information which hurts anyone we have authority to remove it before publishing.
  • If you would like to publish any content based on commission basis, please send us detail mail on what content you are trying to publish under the above policy, what commission you are expects to give out, how many days would you like to keep the article in the website, Would you like to keep the article on top of the front page [for specified time] etc.
  • The details mentioned here are not complete guidelines. We will inform you more detail if you are interested to publish an article with us.

We hope all the users visit this site may find helpful for them. We expect your support in every part of our journey. We value your feedback.

For more information, feedback or questions, please use our Contact page to send us email.

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  • Published on : March 1, 2017
  • Last updated on : March 24, 2017
  • Author: RoyalTeamSolutions

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  1. Mary, thanks for visiting my blog! It is wourdefnl to know your blog, the recipes here are lovely, hope you don't mind I create a link to your blog. Have a great weekend!


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