6 best ways to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online Free

The world most watched sports event “FIFA World Cup” takes place this summer in Russia in June-July 2018. The biggest tournament in world football its also not only the most watched but with the biggest prize money at stake. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil had larger viewing numbers exceeding the Olympics and this time we can expect more worldwide.

Well……..Well…………Well….  It is FIFA WORLD CUP time !!!!!

watch-russia - fifa-world-cup-2018-with-official-broadcasters-listFIFA has set up extensive coverage details for 2018 world cup with greater emphasis on live tv and web streaming with free coverage. FIFA sold the broadcasting rights international at a very healthy price and this will be the biggest international football TV rights deal of any competition where FIFA is set to generate around $1.85bn (£1.15bn) for the cycle of 2018 to 2022. Majority of the money comes from World Cup rights.

If you are looking TV channels list across world wide, you can find the list here,

TV Channels Streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 Worldwide – Full list

For online streamers , 6 best ways to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online Free can be seen below:

1.  World Cup 2018 Live Streaming trough VPN or KODI:
The first and foremost best way to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live is with KODI. If you have streamed any sports before you might be familiar with the device called “KODI”. Its a free, open source software which can be installed on any of the TV streaming boxed such as “Amazon Fire TV 3” and “Mi Box”. You can even install KODI on Windows, Mac or mobile devices.

How It Works: If you know or already have a Kodi setup, all you need is a VPN account with one of the reputed VPN service provider costs $5 to $10 a month, get a UK or US IP and access official live streaming through BBC iplayer, ITV player or FoxSports GO.

2. Official Live Streaming Feeds trough VPN:
UK Coverage Free (Recommended) BBC and ITV has the live coverage rights in the UK and they produce the best coverage for international football events such as World Cup etc.

In the UK, ITV and BBC will not only have extensive TV coverage but they will also showing matches live through their online platforms like “ITV Player” and “BBC iplayer”. Although access to ITV or BBC online coverage is free but you do need an UK IP address (you have to be in the UK or need an UK IP if abroad) .

So lets say you are in Spain and want english coverage all you need to do is buy an VPN (cost around $5 to $10 a month) and get a UK IP address and you are all good to access both BBC and ITV online platforms for absolutely free from anywhere in the world.

Best VPN Providers:
There are several high quality VPN providers and below are two of the best in industry, They will not only get you IP/severs in any of the top country like UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany etc but also keep you anonymous and don’t keep any logs unlike some other other VPN providers.


One of the VPN provider which comes with SmartPlay tech making it very useful for online streaming. Its faster than most other VPN services and usual price is $11.95 a month but if you buy now before the world cup you can get a three year package at just $2.75 a month (best VPN deal available right now).

How it works:

  • Signup for an VPN account at NordVPN
  • Connect to a VPN server in any of the countries showing world cup live for free. For example, connect to a UK server.
  • Once connected to UK vpn server, just visit tvplayer.com where you can watch BBC and ITV official live streams for free. Or simply open BBC iplayer or ITV player in your PC or mobile.


One of the leading providers of VPN service, Express VPN has been around for a while now. Their setup is easy and it won’t effect your internet speed whatsoever. Costs around $12.95 a month normally, you can get 49% discount if you buy a 12 month package which comes with 3 extra months free.

How it Works:

  • Signup for an VPN account at ExpressVPN.
  • Now you can connect to a VPN server in any country you want. In our case, lets say you choose UK IP and once connected to UK expressvpn server you can open BBC iplayer or ITV Player or just visit tvplayer.com to get free uninterrupted coverage of both BBC and ITV.

Similar services are available with Fox (US), ARD & ZDF (Germany), SBS (Australia) and Mediaset (Spain). So lets say you want German coverage but you are located in some other part of the world. All you need to do is buy an VPN and get an German IP adress and after that access ARD or ZDF just like a person would do from inside Germany.

Who is doing US Coverge for FIFA world cup 2018 ?

FoxSports has the exclusive rights of FIFA World Cup in the US and they will also be providing live streaming through their official website and mobile apps. So if you are in the US you can access FoxSports online coverage through their official website/mobile app however people residing in countries outside the US can get an VPN account and set up US IP address to get access to “Foxsports Go” online how you might require subscription to foxsports.


3. World Cup 2018 Live Streaming through Xbox/PS4 via VPN:
Both Xbox one and PS4 comes with online streaming capabilities so if you are located in the UK or US all you need is to access BBC iplayer, ITV player or FoxSports GO through Xbox One and PS4 to get the live action.

However, if you are abroad and want UK/US english coverage you can get an VPN account setup (its a bit tricky to setup on PS4 and Xbox) but once done you can surf internet anonymously plus you get an option of UK/US server ip adress which allow you free unlimited access to BBC iplayer, ITV player and FoxSports Go coverage.

4. Free Online Streaming Sites for FIFA soccer world cup 2018 :
The fourth option is super free but not reliable. We all know there will be many websites broadcasting illegal streams of FIFA World Cup and they are available through many popular sports streaming sites.

Who is doing CANADA Coverge for FIFA world cup 2018 ?

 CTV/TSN are the official world cup broadcasters in Canada and they will be providing live coverage not only on TV but through their official website/app for absolutely free for Canadian IP address only. But if you reside outside canada you could just get an VPN and use canada ip address to access CTV/TSN coverage.

There are some other ways and devices you can use to access free live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2018 around the world.

However, they are not worth it even if they are free. They come at a cost of intrusive and sometime abusive pop/banner ads which can not only harm your computer but also steal your personal information. Beside free streaming sites rarely work good enough to watch a full match. You will have to switch, swap, find stream after stream just to go through one match. So why take the headech which you can just spend $5 buy a VPN and get an IP address of a country where official broadcaster is showing live coverage through their website or mobile app.

5. FIFA Live on Android Apps

The fifth best way to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live is through Andoroid apps. Use PureVPN for that. Below the steps:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN
  2. Download and Install PureVPN’s app on your Android device
  3. Connect to PureVPN’s US server
  4. Enjoy FIFA live 2018 on your Android device

6. Watch FIFA 2018 Online on Apple TV

The sixth best way to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live is through Andoroid apps. Use PureVPN for that. Below the steps:

  1. Configure PureVPN on Apple TV
  2. Go to Smart Purpose Selection and choose Encryption Protocol
  3. Set the server to the US or the UK
  4. Visit the channel on which you want to live stream FIFA
  5. You are good to go for live streaming FIFA world cup 2018 on Apple TV

Similarly, there are dozens of other streaming services as well where you can enjoy FIFA including PlayStation Vue, Directv Now, YouTube Live and Hulu Live, to name a few. If you have any other service you have already know, please share with us in comments sections, we will add it.

Catch all  latest scores, highlights, updates for FIFA world cup news in at Royaltrendingnews.com


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