What is VAR system in footbal which was used in France Vs Australia FIFA World cup football match ??? Get full details of video assistant referee – VAR sytem explained

After the game between France Vs Australia which witnessed first time ever in history using VAR technology in world cup football field, everyone started asking same question – What is VAR technology a.k.a video assistant referee? How and when to use VAR ?

The video assistant referee (VAR) is a football assistant referee who reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication. In 2018 VARs were written into the Laws of the Game by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) following trials in a number of major competitions.

The below video showcase the detail of  video assistant referee (VAR) in detail:

In the France vs Autralia match, after a scoreless first half saw both teams with chances, but things got going early in the second half. Antoine Griezmann was taken down in the box, and the video assistant referee – VAR team was used to help the head official overturn a penalty kick call. It’s the first-ever use of VAR at a World Cup game. History was made and Griezmann soon after converted the spot kick to give the French team an early lead in the 58th minute.

giezman score france australia match


Antoine Griezmann become first man to score after a VAR system used in World cup football match.


This system VAR can be used for multiple decisions. There are 4 types of calls that can be reviewed through VAR

  • Goals and whether there was a violation during the buildup
  • Penalty decisions
  • Direct red card decisions (second yellow cards are not reviewable)
  • Mistaken identity in awarding a red or yellow card

The standard for overturning the referee’s original decision is that there has been a “clear error”.

What are the guideliens to use VAR – video assistant referee system ?

There are guidelines the referee and the VAR should follow in conducting a video review. For example, slow motion should only be used for “point of contact” offences, such as physical offences and handballs. Regular speed should be used to determine the intensity of an offence and whether a handball was deliberate. Reviews for goals, penalty kick decisions, and red cards for denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity cover the period back to the beginning of the “attacking possession phase” (APP), when the attacking team first gained possession of the ball or restarted play.  Other reviews only cover the incident itself.

Who is Assistant video assistant referee – AVAR ?

The assistant video assistant referee (AVAR) is a current or former referee appointed to assist the VAR in the VOR. The responsibilities of the AVAR include watching the live action on the field while the VAR is undertaking a “check” or a “review”, to keep notes of incidents, and to communicate the outcome of a review to broadcasters.

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