13 Essential Lessons for a Photographer: Chapter 1 – Back-Bone of Photography

Everyone nowadays love to take pictures. Whether it is a scenery or incident or the moments with your loved ones  – the hand will go for a click. Since the emerging of smartphones, the situation is like anyone anytime can take picture and share with friends.


But some times quality of picture is not that great or the output is not that great as we expects. Not to worry, with a little bit help and passion make those pictures from amateur to professionals. Even if it is taking from phone camera, point or shoot or SLR there are some basic ideas needs to be followed. There are simple steps to take the professional photos.


This is a series of 13 Essential Lessons for a Photographer to follow. You can read the first chapter below:

Chapter 1 – Back-Bone of Photography

First Question, why we take photographs? What role has photography played in your own life? Most give different answer, their passion, their hobby, their dream etc. We feel it is just the power of visual storytelling. Below are some questions everyone need to ask themselves if you are interested in photography.

What is the philosophy on photography and visual story telling?

Photography is the art of storytelling without words. You don’t just take a photo with your eyes, you take it with your experiences, emotions, and heart. Photography is also a way of looking at the world. It’s a way of seeing the outside world and capturing it with the light of your inner world. The more tuned in you are to your inner story, the more stories your photos can convey. Those stories do not need to be literal. If you’re sad, you don’t need to photograph someone crying to convey that emotion or story. You just need to view the world as yourself. A macro photo of a single drop of dew can convey a narrative of agonizing sadness, or delight and joy, if you let it.

What should be the approach to the craft of photography?

Photography can be a tool for mindfulness. When you look through a lens you must be present to take in the sight, and orchestrate your shot. By focusing on what you see (the composition, the lighting, etc.) you are being mindful, whether you realize it or not. You are focused (literally) on the present moment and not worrying about things that have happened in the past or might happen in the future. You are in the now, at least for that moment. And sometimes one moment is all it takes to bring you back from a negative place.

What draws you to a photograph?

There are the obvious things that can make a photograph pop, like unexpected composition, lighting, or contrast, but sometimes it is the not-so-obvious things that really draw us in. The mood. The tone. The story, both seen or unseen. We love when a photo tells a story, whether that’s a family playing in the woods or a candle on a table, but beyond that, there’s really not one particular thing we’re looking for. I think the variety of photographers and photos that hang on the virtual walls of our gallery is part of the beauty. As long as someone has a personal connection to mental health issues, and a camera to tell their story, they are welcome, no matter their level of experience.

Focus with intention

Technically, “focus with intention,” which means the subject or a piece of the subject is in focus unless blur is purposeful, and to be aware of the background. A messy background can take away from the subject, whereas a clean background brings attention to the subject.

What is the thumb rule of Photography ?

There is no real thumb rule other than what say SIMPLICITY and IDEA. However, for every “rule” there is an amazing photo to break that rule! So, the only real rule is to keep taking photos, and to experiment and have fun along the way.

  • Always keep a camera with you, even if it’s your phone camera.
  • Experiment.
  • Enjoy the moment and have fun with it!

When and Where to Start Photography ?

You can start now. Take your camera, don’t worry about whether it is Phone camera a automatic camera. Turn towards your face take your first picture and that is the best picture you can ever have.

This is a 13 lessons series, we will be posting more lesson on coming days. Keep visiting us or FOLLOW (in the right hand side) our site to receive notification on next chapter in your email.

Oh!!! Don’t forget , if you have more ideas about photography please put in our comments. Let’s the beginner get more help from you.  The only thing grow by giving  is  the “KNOWLEDGE”.

Next Lesson :  Chapter 2 – Eagle Eye of a Photographer


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