2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar: Dates are announced – Full Schedule and Fixtures

Two days before the final of 2018 FIFA world cup, there is a huge announcement has been made by FIFA – The fixtures of 2022 Qatar FIFA world cup. As per the reports 2022 Qatar World cup will be held between November and December 2022.

It is the first time Qatar will be hosting a FIFA world cup in the history.  Precisely, 2022 Qatar World cup will be held between November 21 and December 18. FIFA president Jiany Infinito announced the dates of Qatar world cup at the press conference in Moscow.  This will also mark the first World Cup not to be held in May, June, or July. The 2022 world cup dates is scheduled for late November until mid-December due to climate concerns. It is to be played in a reduced timeframe of around 28 days, with the final being held on 18 December 2022, which is also Qatar National Day.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announcing Qatar as host nation for 2022 FIFA world cup

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announcing Qatar as host nation for 2022 FIFA world cup

Possible expansion of number of teams in 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar

FIFA also put a proposal to increase the number of teams participating in the Qatar World Cup would be increased. Infantino earlier informed that the number of teams in the 2026 World Cup (which is in United states) would be increased. But now from Qatar itself the mission to increase the number of teams has been in thought process.  “It’s a great thing to have a World Cup for a country. There is no better way to grow football, ” he said at a news conference in Moscow.

In 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia, a total 32 countries were  participated. FIFA is planning to increase the number to 48 countries to make the tournament more global and more countries can participate in the final stage. With 48 teams participating in the World Cup, 16 matches will come in addition. 80 games will be played instead of 64 matches.

The world is anxious for Qatar to accept this proposal from FIFA as it is a small nation and lot of planning and infrastructure requirements need to be met before the tournament.

Why 2022 FIFA world cup is not scheduled in June or July like other world cups ? What are the reasons for scheduling the Qatar world cup in November and December?

Usually the original dates of the FIFA World Cup in its traditional timeframe of June and July. But during that time it is high summer time in desert nation like Qatar and temperature can increase up to 50-55 degree Celsius (120 -135 Fahrenheit). In October 2013, a task force was commissioned to consider alternative dates and report after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. On 24 February 2015, the FIFA Task Force proposed that the tournament be played from late November to late December 2022, to avoid the summer heat between May and September. Another supporting reason was to avoid clashing with the 2022 Winter Olympics in February and Ramadan in April.


Controversies behind 2022 Qatar world cup and the Oppositions on the dates announced

However, after the dates were announced for the schedule of 2022 Qatar World cup, FIFA has received lot of opposed voices.  It is due to the domestic league happening at the month of November and December in Europe and Latin America. Including the English footballer Galli Lynnekar, people mentioned that the dates in November-December months has created a confusion in Domestic leagues as the schedule are in disagreement with them.

Even while announcing Qatar as the venue for 2022 FIFA world cup, there were lot of corruption scandal was echoed. A FIFA internal investigation and report cleared Qatar of any wrongdoing for winning the host nation title for 2022 FIFA world cup. Also the mission to increase football in Asian Countries and the privileges Qatar as a small nation will receive by hosting the tournament override those issues. And the FIFA effort received more acceptance later on.

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