Who is Portugal, Spain Pre Quarter (Round of 16) opponents? Uruguay, Russia Qualified for Knockout phase in FIFA World cup 2018

2018 FIFA World cup coming closer to knockout phase and teams are already started qualifying to the Pre Quarter rounds. On completing all the matches in Group A and Group B, four teams register for their Round of 16 (pre Quarter) berth.

From Group A , both Uruguay and Russia qualified for Round of 16 Knockout phase. In the last match the host Russians got a shocking treatment from Uruguay by 3 – 0. Still the 6 points from first 2 matches helped Russia to qualify as the 2nd team from Group A. Uruguay qualified with 9 points in 3 wins, and they have a clean sheet of not conceding a single goal in group matches in FIFA World cup 2018.

From Group B,  it was breathtaking tight contest. On the final day of their group matches both Portugal and Spain has to use the last breath to qualify for the Round of 16 Pre Quarter matches. Portugal forced to draw with spirited Iran for 1 – 1 and Spain on the verge of knockout, came back strongly against Morocco and draw the match 2 – 2 to  qualify for the Pre Quarter round.


Who is Portugal Opponents at Pre Quarter (Round of 16) knockout round in 2018 FIFA World cup ?

As Portugal finishes 2nd in Group B, they have to face in-form Uruguay on Round of 16 match. Portugal needed a Cristiano Ronaldo’s magical performance once again if they need to beat Uruguay and move to the quarter finals of 2018 FIFA World cup.

When is Portugal Vs Uruguay Pre Quarter Match – Portugal Vs Uruguay match will be on 30th June at Fisht Stadium Sochi at 9: PM local time.

Who is Spain Opponents at Pre Quarter (Round of 16) knockout round in 2018 FIFA World cup ?

As Spain finishes 1st in Group B, they snatched the chance to face host country Russia on Round of 16 match in 2018 FIFA world cup. The match will be tighter for them as Russia will have strong support from their fans. It will be gem of a context.

When is Spain Vs Russia Pre Quarter Match – Spain Vs Russia match will be on 1st July 2018 at Luzhniki Stadium Moscow at 5:00 PM local time.


Who is Argentina, Croatia Pre Quarter opponents? France, Denmark Qualified for Round of 16 in FIFA World cup 2018

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