Services offered by M-KERALA app

M-KERALA app is supposed to be a well build counter part for the BHIM app (Bharat Interface for money) launched by central government of India to improve digital payments among the people.

M-KERALA will outplace the BHIM app in terms of number of services provided. Here are main services expected to incorporate with M-KERALA app.

Services offered by M-KERALA app are,

  1.  Digital wallet transactions
  2.  Digital payments
  3.  Tickets booking
  4.  Mobile recharge
  5.  Applying for government certificates (included Village or Taluk offices),
  6.  Payments of Electricity Bill
  7.  Water tax and bill payments
  8.  Housing Tax
  9.  Digital application filling
  10.  Download specific  bill details
  11.  Complaint lodging
  12.  Identification and Payment of the fines due from any department services.

It is rumored, but the authorities also planning to add motor vehicle department services with the app.

  1.  license application and renewing,
  2.  Application filling
  3.  Information on fines and penalties due to bad driving
  4.  Option to pay the fine through digital wallet.


2017-03-29_16-51-53M-KERALA supposed to work with ADHAAR number and registered mobile number given during the registration. Once launched, M-KERALA app will be available in all the platforms like Windows, Android and IOS. It can be available for all the smartphones. Also M-KERALA will have a simple version to be utilized with normal phones too.


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