M-KERALA, the new digital wallet of Kerala

M-KERALA (Mobile Kerala), the new mobile app introduced by Government of Kerala, is going to change the face of digital payments and digital government services in Kerala.

M-KERALA app is supposed to be a well build counter part for the BHIM app (Bharat Interface for money) launched by central government of India to improve digital payments among the people.

M-KERALA will outplace the BHIM app in terms of number of services provided

bhim-app-openBHIM launched early this year after famous demonetization on Nov 8, 2016 announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even though millions of people downloaded the app, the number of usage and digital payments with the app were reduced later due to mixed problems. There are many complaints came against BHIM app like it is not compatible or efficient enough like other counter private apps like Paytm, MobileWallet etc. Also there were lot of reports with security failures, non successful transactions with BHIM app.

Kerala, southern most state in India, is well known for their literacy and education rate against other states in India. The launch of  E-governance system was a prime example which is done earlier to familiarize digital services to people. This new move will help them to publicize the digital payments to the people much faster and efficiently.

Like E-Governance which was a launchpad in digital services in Kerala, M-KERALA expected to be another effective project launched by the IT MISSION, KERALA

M-KERALA is planned not just for digital payments but also for incorporating different services from multiple government department under one roof.  Services can include, but not limited to book tickets, applying for certificates related with Village or Taluk offices, Payments of Electricity Bill, Water tax and bill payments, Housing Tax, Digital application filling etc. M-KERALA can also be used for download the bill details, and complaint lodging and identify the fines due from any department services.

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The authorities also planning to add motor vehicle department services with the app, like license renewing, application filling, fines and penalties due to bad driving, option to pay the fine etc.

Currently the security measurements phase is being set up in the app. Authorities claims it to be most secure app compare to the other apps in the market. It is supposed to work with ADHAAR number and registered mobile number given during the registration.

Once launched, M-KERALA app will be available in all the platforms like Windows, Android and IOS. It can be available for all the smartphones. Also M-KERALA will have a simple version to be utilized with normal phones too.

Earlier, Government of Kerala has launched a contest to suggest the good name for this app. But from the suggestions no good name came up. Hence IT mission authorities decided to suggest the name M-KERALA which later approved by the Government.

M-KERALA app will be officially available to download once government shows the final green signal to roll out the app to the public.

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