Why modern Smart TVs don’t have Flash Player ?

When we usually only think of personal computers running a dynamic content the first name comes into picture is Adobe flash player. The Adobe Flash player is one of the famous flash application used in digital world. But we forget about the countless other mobile devices which used to have the plugin built into them. For example, Linux based devices such as Android smartphones and tablets were one of them, Smart TVs were just another kind of these devices.

When Adobe realized that smartphones and mobile devices were more trouble than they are worth, Adobe started to cut down support for its Flash Player as far as mobile devices were concerned, so now, Android phones are no longer supported even though older versions are still available for download; Adobe no longer supports them officially and therefore, no longer provides customer support nor any help in case something goes wrong.

Lack of updates from Adobe leads pushing away FLASH from SMART TV’s.

What happened between SMART TV’s and FLASH ?

Since Smart TVs used a similar version of Adobe Flash Player, as new updates started coming out for computers and Flash moved on and away from v11, Smart TV users started receiving the well-known and ever-hated notification to update their Flash Player.

2017-03-27_15-29-58The more problem started when there was no newer version available for these devices. Adobe cut all support for mobile versions of Flash, one of the major manufacturers of Smart TVs, Samsung, stated that Adobe is responsible for delivering all the updates, so when the issue mildly compromised, there was no newer version of Flash nor was there any response from Samsung’s side.

Due to security issues, users were not allowed to manually change the applications installed on the Smart TV. Some users managed to make an alternative app called Smart Flash which work as far as Samsung devices are concerned but still all smart TV manufacture need to think about a way to handle applications without Adobe flash player.

HTML 5, the new era of dynamic technology, is another reason FLASH was no longer used in SMART TV’s

The death ring for Flash, the rise of HTML 5

All these different factors combined with the sudden drift of developers into the world of HTML 5 has put a deadline of sorts on Adobe’s Flash Player. Websites and developers across the world are rushing into the features of HTML 5 as Flash’s lack of compatibility as far as mobile devices are concerned.

Currently in the world, users are using more number of handheld devices than personal computers. Hence developers have begun to understand the importance of making a website which is capable of performing at its best regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. Users who face warnings and notifications to install or update their Flash Player will eventually move on to websites which provide HTML 5 services. It is far easy to embed any compatible media format in HTML 5 in the website and it is only a matter of time until companies and developers worldwide spend some more fortune to let FLASH go out to the dark end.

As mentioned, SMART TV’s being one of the highest sold electronic devices in ‘large electronic devices’ category for past few years, the majority of the audiences are eagerly looking for the technology which matches and compatible with the apps they using in SMART TV’s.


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